Alexander Orthopaedics is a multi-location orthopedic surgery and care center located in and around Tampa Bay. They value patient-centric care, providing innovative, convenient, and minimally invasive treatments.

An administrator at Alexander Orthopaedics brought Big Sea on board in 2018 after working with us on a different, equally successful project.

The Challenge

Patient Traffic is Slow

Missing information

Alexander Orthopaedics wanted prominent recognition as a subject matter expert in orthopedic surgery and treatment, but prospective patients weren’t able to find detailed, engaging information about the unique services available at the office.

Low Visibility

Despite their robust list of medical offerings, Alexander Orthopaedics’s site had a lack of web content that left them buried beneath competitors in search results.

The Objectives

Our specific objectives were to:

  • Increase total keywords ranked for high profit margin surgeries & treatments
  • Increase organic traffic to the site
  • Bolster Alexander Orthopaedics as the go-to experts in the orthopedic field
  • Increase “Schedule an Appointment” form fills & patient appointment calls
The Strategy

Accelerate Content Production

Analysis & Research

We initialized the project with an in-depth competitive analysis and keyword research. We used the main surgery and treatment services landing pages as pillars from which we could build out a wealth of relevant content. The client identified the verticals they wanted to prioritize: their highest-profit services. We then crafted blog articles and landing page content to highlight those services.

Website Enhancement

We identified the unique services and treatments that weren’t listed on the website. We developed well-structured landing pages that provided comprehensive information about each topic, allowing patients to understand both their condition, and the treatment options available.

Patient Testimonials

We elevated their text-only patient testimonials by making them with story-driven, personal videos that shared patients’ injuries, their medical needs, and how Alexander Orthopaedics set them on the road to quick recovery. These quality interviews helped convert new patient leads by showcasing both the emotional satisfaction and medical progress these patients experienced.

The Results

Thanks to marketing management, web enhancement, and content production, the client saw:

  • 590% increase in annual organic traffic
  • 89% increase in top 10 keyword rankings
  • 51% increase in appointment form fills
  • 40% increase in total keyword ranking