As more and more companies go paperless, OnTask provides a valuable solution: digital workflow automation. This is a boon for human resources departments, sales offices, medical practices, and anyone else with endless piles of documents flooding our desks daily. It’s a kind of “set it and forget it” model of automation – the best kind – where digital documents and custom forms flow from one hand to another. No babysitting or office gofer needed.

OnTask’s particular talents lie in building forms and workflows with conditional logic, which helps untangle our processes so we can get back to business, sans the chaos. Compliance, eSignatures, and all the legal fineprint that goes with them? Simplified. Quality controlled. Device-friendly.

The Challenge

Getting lost in the crowd

Saturated Marketplace

In a highly competitive industry, OnTask needed to differentiate themselves from the sea of stale sameness. Because they’re not one of the most recognized brands in the space, the OnTask crew needed Big Sea’s help feeding the top of the sales line with new prospects.

The Objectives

Our specific objectives were to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase engagement with social media and website
  • Increase interaction with potential customers
The Strategy

Top-of-Funnel Campaign

Content for Target Audiences

To help keep OnTask top of mind and grow qualified leads, Big Sea focused its efforts on paid media, paid search, paid social media, and SEO-guided blog posts to increase brand awareness and engage potential customers.

Everything we created needed to drive users to the company’s landing page. That’s where our cohesive messaging came into play.

SEO Development

High placement in search engine results was key to getting form enthusiasts and the workflow needy alike to OnTask’s landing page. But the best SEO strategy depends on in-depth research. That’s just one reason why we took OnTask through our discovery process: to ensure we had the most informed, most current, and most data-driven SEO and content strategy to get them the results they needed to rise in the SERP ranks.

The Tactics


Discovery also empowered Big Sea to learn from OnTask’s subject matter experts. Between deep dives into their service, target audience development, and a winning SEO strategy, we were able to create blogs that drove traffic and helped readers. With a little help from Big Sea, readers discovered the benefits of OnTask solutions: workflow automation, OSHA compliance, and HR onboarding. Every blog met OnTask’s target audiences (HR professionals, business decision makers, and C-suite executives) where they were at: looking for workflow solutions.

Paid Media Campaigns

Working with our in-house marketing team, Big Sea’s paid media experts explored some new social channels for OnTask, including Hulu’s targeted video platform.

We also ran ads on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to get OnTask’s name and face out there. These ads encouraged those vital click-throughs that brought more leads to the landing page. And, critically, we used retargeting to bring interested customers back around to OnTask’s website again. After all, they can’t sign up for the software if they never return to the site!

The Results
  • 975% increase in Schedule a Demo (primary goal)
  • 209% increase in traffic over 2020
  • 10% over our goal in total new customers
  • Over 20 million impressions across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hulu, Podcasts, Display, and Paid Search.